This Is Africa

Is a fun fresh and dynamic hunting show based predominantly around the hunting adventures of the clients of Michelle Buchanans, Buchanan Hunts. The dynamic cast of Characters include;


Andy Buchanan, the producer, who’s constant pranks and knowledge of wildlife keeps us entertained and informed.


Chad Allen, this easy-going double gun / Hill Country Rifle wielding Texan co-host lives to hunt and is never far from the next episode. With over 30 Safaris and countless African species under his belt Chad aims to complete his “all Africa list“ and takes us to destinations most can only dream of.


Michelle Buchanan, the co-host with her good looks and willingness to participate in any dangerous game hunt keep the viewers glued to the action.


Joshua R. Johnson the Co-Producer of This Is Africa is a Montana, USA based filmmaker and devoted outdoorsman. Born with a fly rod in one hand and a camera in the other, he spent his childhood exploring the lakes and rivers of Montana, which he passionately continues to do to this day. Josh co-owns TELL MEDIA which produces outdoor content, films and commercials. When he’s not behind the camera or in the editing booth you’ll find him outside teaching his three children about nature and conservation through hunting, fishing, hiking and camping.

On This Is Africa

your always sure to be entertained by a long list of experienced charismatic professional hunters hand picked to hunt with Buchanan Hunts Clients. This Is Africa is proudly sponsored By Swift Bullet Company, Woodbury Taxidermy, Riton Optics, Hill Country Rifles, 5H Shooting sports & African sporting Creations, all who’s quality products you can find under the products tab.

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