Side Trips

Photographic side trips

You’ve booked your hunt and flown across the world for your safari, we say “Why not spend a couple of days either side of your hunt to enjoy the incredible wonders that particular part of Africa has to offer?”

Weather it be the islands in the Indian ocean off the coast of Mozambique where dolphins and whales and a menagerie of under water creatures await your wonder or the magnificent Victoria Falls of Zimbabwe, one of the seven wonders of the world, or trekking in the forests of Uganda to come face to face with lowland Gorillas.

Side Trips are especially appealing for Couples and family groups to wind down and re-charge after a busy safari whilst being waited on hand on foot in a luxury camp in the heart of some of Africa’s most game rich National parks. It is on these trips that you are most likely to see sights such as lions take down buffalo, wild dogs chase down their prey and leopards leaping from trees on their unsuspecting prey. In our humble THE RIGHT photographic  walking safari is nothing short of spectacular.

Fishing side trips

Perhaps you and a buddy are itching to bend your fishing rod against some of Africa’s finest fighting fish such as the famous freshwater tiger fish and monster Nile perch. Africa’s oceans also boast big shoals of game fish that WILL NOT disappoint!

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