Side Trips

Photographic side trips

Our Photographic sister company

Organises outstanding safaris in premier locations across the African continent using only the best wildlife guides in the game. Whether it be Gorilla Trekking in the mountains of Uganda or a family trip to the crystal clear waters on the islands of Mozambique, our sister company can do it all !!
This outstanding company delivers unparalleled services and fully understands the place and importance of hunting in the African conservation model and are always looking to make hunters feel at home in the photographic world.
With conservation through all methods at the forefront of both our ethos,  this highly organised couple together with TIA FIVE will tend to your every need.

Fishing side trips

Our brother fishing safaris company

fishes the diverse waters off the coast of Africa targeting mainly Big Game Fish. With over 15 years of fishing these pristine waters the company owner and guide Gareth Simms has developed a reputation for being the best of the best on African waters. With his knowledge of all the secret “honey whole” spots and his use of top notch costal lodges Gareth is sure to put you into the African island holiday mood and straight onto the fish.


also offers some of the best fresh water fishing there is, targeting mainly the famed Tiger Fish of Southern, East and Central Africa. 

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