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About us

This Is Africa Five is a platform aimed at ensuring total satisfaction of every guests experience in Africa by promoting conservation and hunting on the African continent.

This is also a space to view the latest episode of your favorite hunting show “This Is Africa”, it’s a place to view previously unseen footage, browse and purchase our sponsor’s quality hunting products.

We offer everything from information on hunting, fishing, filming, Photographic side trips, Products for Africa, products from Africa and are happy to help you with any information you might need About your trip to Africa.

TIA FIVE founder Andy Buchanan was born and raised in the African country of Zimbabwe. It was here that from a very young age his mother and father encouraged him to explore the wild, often spending days on end hunting, trapping, and fishing with the local African people.

This life of wilderness, culture, and local tradition lead present-day Andy to produce hunting films aimed at educating the world about the conservation of Africa’s wild places.

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