About us

TIA FIVE is an Africa Based safari booking liaison company that is here to direct any African enthusiast weather you are a “first timer” or someone looking for a particular species “off the beaten trail” in the right direction.

TIA FIVE founder Andy Buchanan was born raised and still resides in the African country of Zimbabwe. It was here that from a very young age his mother and father encouraged him to explore the wild, often spending days on end hunting, trapping and fishing with the local African people.

With our “on the ground” knowledge of hunting in Africa from north to south we are in the perfect position to get you not only EXACTLY the animals YOU are after but the EXACT experience YOU are after. All whilst helping you with the technicalities of paperwork, permits, flight recommendations, overnight stays during travels, meet and greets at the airports and so much more ensuring that your African experience is as smooth as possible.

TIA FIVE works with a select few hand-picked hunting outfits and professional hunters that we know first hand are up to the task, professional and most importantly will take care of our valued clients and ensure 100% satisfaction on the hunt.

TIA FIVE founder Andy Buchanan has personally visited and vetted ALL the hunting areas that he recommends.

We are here to help you from start to finish from the day you book your hunt to the day you receive your trophies.


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